Bored at work doodle, David Bowie inspired. (The lighting in here is horrible). #art #artist #sketch #sketches #drawing #tattoos #zombie #pirate

bad dog


Tattoo done by Kate Mackay Gill.

Somebody posted my Tattoo and it popped up on my dash <3 Morning booby birb <3

I’m so scared of the future. I’m scared of moving out and finding enough work to pay for rent and food and utilities. I’m scared of failing and having to ask for help.

But I’ve wanted to move out since I was 16. I don’t feel safe in this house and I desperately want to be independent.

I know this isn’t how I planned it originally. But things changed and I adapted, as impossible as it seemed. And I’ll be with a friend who is closer than blood.

We’ll make it work.


cute date ideas:
-burn stuff in a forest and feel like you are in that movie the crucible
-dress in weird clothes and sit in a public place at night to scare randomers
-find the scariest gravestone
-lie around and pretend you’re a corpse
-go to bed very late in order to achieve maximum purpleness under your eyes and look like the ghost of an orphan in the 1800s
-give your house a miss havisham style look by not dusting things

You have no idea how much I am digging this return of the living dead tarman shirt from @frightrags .


【すみだ水族館】 光合成中。 2014.2.23

☾❀◦✧earthy and ethereal✧◦❁☽


kinda pissed about not being a mermaid



Fitting of my F.A.T.E larp outfit 2# for Henry-Pierre